Benefits of stimulating the nerve

endings connected to the various body systems is believed to achieve beneficial results for many conditions including the following:


Back Pain




Sleep Disorders

Hormonal Imbalances

Sports Injuries

Digestive Disorders,


Stress-related Conditions

 Eye Problems

Lymph Drainage

and more.


Reflexology can help migraines.

Happy Feet Can Mean A Healthy Body

Reflexology can make you a happy camper.

Reflexology can relieve stress

Whether you're seeking to relax, renew and rejuvenate or to care for a recent or chronic condition, choosing reflexology helps you take an active role in your health. Consider a series of sessions if you have a health concern or if you'd like to help your body work better.  Such frequency and consistency can help the body to remember what it felt like to work right. 

Reflexology is not a replacement for regular medical care, but a complement to it.


 Foot Reflexology 

Research shows that a single reflexology session:

Creates relaxation

Reduces anxiety

Diminishes pain

Improves blood flow to kidneys, intestines and feet

Improves blood flow to parts of the brain corresponding to the the reflex areas in the foot

Decreases heart rate and blood pressure

Increases oxygen saturation and lowers respiratory rate.

Reflexology is based on the idea that the body has a natural flow of energy.  Any blockages in this flow will eventually create an imbalance by promoting stagnation within that part of the body.  There are over 7000 reflex areas in the feet that connect to all our organs, glands and body parts.  Reflexologists look for tenderness in the reflexes as this would indicate stress in the corresponding part of the body.   Through application of gentle pressure and or percussion to the reflexes, reflexology can relieve tension and pain, reduce stress, improve circulation, cleanse the toxins from your body, restore balance and and the natural flow of energy increasing the ability of the body to heal itself.