Ultimate Reflexology at the Healing Center

6740 James B. Rivers Dr.

Stone Mountain, GA 30083




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    Contact Information and Pricing

Please let me know if you found me at  www.BodyMindSpiritDirectory.org

It's a great website for finding professional practitioners in your area.


Toasty, my faithful body guard dog does hang out at the office with me a lot, but he is a toy poodle and hypoallergenic and has a crate if you are not a dog person.  If you are a dog person he might sit in your lap if you let him.  He's very young and in training yet.  


Foot Reflexology         

Full Session - Stimulates all nerve endings to relax and help your body heal itself         $60.00 an Hour


Facial Reflexology                                                                                                               $60.00 an Hour

Cyma Therapy - Nominated for the 2013 Edison Award

Most sessions are between 38 - 60 minutes                                                                        $30.00 per Session

Ion Cleanse                                                                                                                            $30.00

30 minute sessions



Ultimate Reflexology

at the Healing Center

In Stone Mountain Village