Facial Reflexology




Sorensensistem Facial Reflexology is a new generation holistic therapy devised, developed and trademarked by international and famous Danish reflexologist, Lone Sorensen.  Facial Reflexology is a combination of traditional Chinese Medicine, South American Zone Therapy, Vietnamese face maps and points and our most current knowledge of neuro-anatomy.   Our face contains numerous nerves and blood vessels.  It's close proximity to the brain insures facial stimulation as the shortest pathway to the brain center, offering a more efficient effect in balancing ones health concerns. 







The treatment is a gentle non-invasive therapy.  One remains completely clothed at all times, although you might want to remove your earrings.


The treatment begins by gently stimulating acupressure points releasing endorphins and serotonin to bring balance and relaxation to the body.  A smooth gentle massage is conducted to find the largest deposit in your lower layer of facial tissue.  The location of this deposit tells us which organ or system is your root cause of imbalance.


The treatment continues using precise stimulation of reflex points and zones on the face and scalp, sometimes on their own and often in combinations to stimulate the brain and send impulses directly to affect corresponding specific parts of the body.  .  This stimulation works through the central nervous system to specific organs and systems to regulate your blood, lymph, body functions and hormones. The face with over 500 points offers the shortest path to the brain, offering us greater success and effectiveness.   After your session you not only feel serene and relaxed your inner health is balancing and your outer self is rejuvenated and glowing. 


 Lone describes Facial Reflexology as a therapy to treat organic, muscle and bone symptoms, to regulate the metabolism/hormonal system and to activate the micro-circulation, plus helping emotional symptoms like anguish, mental fatigue, lack of memory, insomnia etc. 


The only product used during Facial Reflexology is a wild crafted Rosehip Oil from Argentina 's protected Rainforest.  The oil is naturally abundant in vitamin C  helping to heal and renew the skin.







Many people describe it as a deeply relaxing, soothing treatment which helps them cope with stress, worries, depression or constant health issues.  It also leaves one with the added bonus of a healthier complexion and radiant face.