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Lori Martin, Certified Reflexologist

and Toasty our therapy dog in training

Ultimate Reflexology at the Healing Center

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Ultimate Reflexology

                                            at The HealingCenter

Reflexology can feel wonderful but it should not be viewed as just a foot massage.  

                   There are over 7000 reflex areas in your feet that correspond to all the organs and glands in your body.  If your feet hurt, chances are very good whatever is on the other end of that reflex is having an issue too. 

Millions of people around the world are using reflexology to address conditions like back, neck and shoulder pain, digestive disorders, circulation issues, constipation, kidney function and sinus issues just to name a few things.  Several municipalities and companies in Denmark have employed reflexologists since the 90s.  According to studies, this practice has reduced sick leave and absenteeism.   Employees have consistently reported complete or partial improvement in conditions where they sought reflexologist's help and even relief for additional problems they did not report.

A series of reflexology treatments will go a long way towards attaining and sustaining a healthy body and mind. 

This type of therapy should not be considered a luxury, but a lifestyle choice.